Monday, July 1, 2013

Family Fun @ the Farm

Today we're going for a bit of irony and checking out some family fun (@ the farm), 'cos it aint much fun here in this family today!

There's not much to tell you right now. I think the collection of recent family farm pics are fairly self-explanatory. And today, in real-time, the family happenings here at home are not pleasant. Ew. So we won't talk about those :-)

Once upon a time my hair used to look like this in the glow of late afternoon sunlight...

And how much more exciting does this activity look when viewed through the dry grass?!

Even Dora gets to join in on the family fun via gumboots (drying by the fire, a regular occurrence on our farm visits!)...

These cool dudes came along for the ride!

And of course, we all had our hats on...

Oh, here are some more gumboots...

So there you have it. Some family fun for you and me. Simple stuff. To remind me that not all days are like today. Luckily, cos I'd be moving on out! Ew. Alright, it's back to the washing machine for me... Fair thee well!

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