Tuesday, July 2, 2013

In the black

I'm in the black...
The black wool that is. It'll be many a decade year before we're in the black as the common term of phrase goes :-) 

Anyways, I conveniently discovered just recently that I don't own a woolly, warm, black scarf. Now that may seem an insignificant discovery. Unless you've somehow used your x-ray, crazy-techno, vision to look through the screen and checked out the inside of my wardrobe! You see some women have a thing for lipsticks, some for shoes and well, I have a bit of a collection of scarves. So now you will note that I wrote that I didn't have a woolly, warm, black scarf! I may, or may not, possess a number of other woolly scarves, warm scarves and even black scarves. But I don't have a woolly, warm, black one ;-) Yesterday I didn't, however I will have by the morning!

I am knitting. A woolly, warm, black scarf. How coincidental! But I like the notion that I'm hand-making something to fill a gap in my wardrobe ;-) And I am using wool out of a collection that has gathered in the white cupboard, so I didn't even need to purchase anything to made the necessary scarf! So there is no need for any justifying to anybody - not that anybody would realise justifying is required (that wardrobe section is VERY deep and mysterious). If you know what I mean.

It's a very simple scarf, big needles, straight garter stitch and it's looking lovely, kinda racy lacy in a woolly kinda way :-) I'm quite enjoying the knitting, it's a no-brainer and it's quick! Just what is required at this time. I think I am especially enjoying it because it's nice to be creating anything something amidst the chaos of school holidays and sick children.

Now, here's one last admission for you (tonight)... I was photographing said scarf. And the sun was shining. So naturally I took it outside to take some shots. Then I got a little distracted (there's a hint of the distraction below) and so I have another post for you tomorrow. In much the same colour way, but of an entirely different subject!

See you tomorrow then. In the meantime, find yourself some distractions :-)

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