Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Art by invitation

This week is one of those weeks... So I've reverted to taking photos to fill any minuscule gaps in our schedule ;-)

Ha! I can only dream of moments free to photograph just for the sheer joy of it!

We have a rule in this house. Only one small person gets to have a birthday party in any one year. So each small person gets a party every third year. This year it's the turn of the gorgeous girl. Now, she is nearly past the birthday party stage. Ie. pass-the-parcel doesn't really cut it any more!

So we've decided upon an Art Party. The gorgeous girl loves a bit of art action. She's quite creative. No, of course I'm not biased!

These shots will help form the invite. The brushes will be used by the party attendees to create their own individual masterpieces that they will take home as party favours. We've also got a couple of other arty activities, details of those will be revealed when I have actually worked them out ;-)

 In the meantime, I had a bit of fun in the name of creating an invite!

Now, I have one corner of the house clean. But there are a few other corners to be dealt with! Including the laundry. And then there are a couple of school book parade costumes to create, dinner to cook and the littlest one to entertain. Then I might have a nap! Ha! Tell her she's dreamin'! This is the price of spending most of the day in town yesterday with an old friend and her teeny-tiny small person :-)

So I will love you and leave you, talk soon...

This art paper features in this post too.


  1. Fantastic idea Emm. L will love her party. xx

    1. The party looks like being fun even for me! Any excuse to dabble in some paint!!


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