Friday, July 19, 2013

Farm flare on a Friday!

Here's a bit of flare for you...

Flare never goes astray on a Friday hey?! This flare is at the farm. During the golden hour. The countryside was picturesque. This was same day as this post...


It was FREEZING! The wind was icy, even before the sun had set. In between taking these shots with my phone (I had, of course, forgotten my big-girls camera!) I was literally jumping up and down to try and get warm. This was before we lit a fire. Once we had a fire even the cows came close :-)

Looking at these photos sitting in a nice firewood-warmed-home now I can hardly remember the chill. I do however remember jumping up and down! That was something I haven't done for many a year, and probably won't repeat for many more years - age has not improved the force/effect of gravity!

Ah, lovely trees. Lovely blue sky. See, it doesn't LOOK freezing does it? Well, it was.

This weekend looks like having a LOT more chill in the air around here. There's even forecasts of snow down low. Where we live. And wind to go with it. Might have to come up with another method (that is age-appropriate) of staying warm; more layers and more wool. Any ideas? Have a lovely weekend... Hope there's flare about for you.

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