Friday, June 28, 2013

Cows in the mist

So, after we went to the markets on the coldest morning yet, we checked the cows

It was a misty, foggy morning. Quite pretty as the sun started to shine through.

The cows were in a paddock by a creek. So was the mist. And so we had cows in the mist :-) A very romantic image of farming. Of course, that is how a farm always looks! Isn't it?!?  

Given that these very cows are calving it's not always so pretty. In fact there are some birth stories originating in this paddock that would make your hair stand on end! Or in least make you cross your legs!!! Thankfully I have not been on-hand to witness any of this (mind you I'd really like to actually witness a healthy, happy birth story). I just get to take pics once the calf is clean and the sun has come through the mist. The mother cow is probably most happy about this - her modesty is preserved :-)

We'll get to meet each of these calves personally soon.... Fingers crossed for some up-close shots of beautiful big brown eyes. You can get lost in those eyes! Until they become big calves weighing a few hundred kilos! Then I don't like looking them in the eye too much. Even when Mr Bravery tells me I MUST take straight on and NOT back down... Errrr, I'm a town girl and they are farm cows! I'm learning :-)

It's happy (school) holidays here now! How exciting hey?! Ok, who am I kidding? I enjoy the holidays. For about 3 days! Then I yearn for some quiet. This time though we all need some slow time, some down time, without bell times. We're tired and run-down... let's hope we can all (I am repeating this to myself again and again) take some time out...

PS. Thought you might like the 'roo silhouette we spotted across the road as we left the cows.


  1. So lovely! We've started the holidays with gastro. Definitely need some quiet time.

    1. You are not alone regarding a need for quiet time & with the gastro! Ew!


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