Friday, June 7, 2013

a day in the sun

Isn't it great how a day in the sun can lift your spirits?! On that note we won't talk about the weather today ;-)
Hard to believe that this sunshiney day was so recent! We went a-fencing. Well, the grown-ups went fencing! The small people found all sorts of other things to do. As did the dog. We all had quite a nice time; a picnic in the sun, a clamber up and down the banks of a canal, oh, yes, and the pulling of wires!

This shot below shows the littlest one and her loyal companion, the dog, heading off to the car. It made me smile :-) A very small person and her pooch running across the paddock! And run they did! All the way.

Here is some of the nasty, rusty barb wire we pulled (see below). Have you ever worked with this stuff? I treat it with the utmost respect! Very carefully. And it still bites when you least expect it. Even through my new (not-a-tough-girl) gloves. Anyways, I have my eye on this stuff. I am sure there is another purpose for it, other than being consigned to the rubbish pile. I'll just keep thinking it through and working up the courage (perhaps the purchase of some thicker gloves might assist my imagination!).

This innocent looking roll of mesh sent Mr Patient's eyebrows right up to his hairline. Ha! I like to keep him on his toes ;-) I pulled it off the fenceline (it was going to the tip too), removed the grass and just thought I'd see how hard it was to roll up and therefore work with... It was surprisingly easy, no barbs on this stuff! In fact if you are too rough on it it snaps 'cos it's old and rusty. I reckon I'm heading for this now; snapping easily 'cos I'm getting old and rusty ;-)

But back to the sunshine; Isn't it a pretty roll of mesh? Do you agree that it has potential? Or are you with Mr Patient, your eyebrows in your hairline? Methinks it could make a great (albeit rusty rustic) outdoor chandelier! I have some extra rusty wire to make a frame to hang it with, will just have to work out how to keep candles inside the structure...

Ah, yes, crazy imaginings in the sun. All good fun :-) I had to have something whirring through my mind whilst I pulled wire/lugged posts/moved the ute! But surely there's something in it, yeah?!

Hope your day today is sunnier than ours! We're supposedly getting the sun back tomorrow so we might get out and about again. It would be nice, though we are enjoying this more regular rain activity.

Happy Weekend!

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