Monday, June 3, 2013

(Lamb) Mark II

Just like the lamb marking this post was a little delayed...
We didn't quite complete the lambs during (Lamb) Mark I. The clock caught us out. The story of my life! So we started afresh on another day. In the morning. With very different light! And I took photos before we started 'cos I tend to get a bit grotty as it's my job to 'catch' the lambs and put them in the 'cradle' so that they can be attended to.

Firstly the lambs are drafted off from their mothers and penned up seperately. One pen for waiting and then a smaller pen for 'catching'. It's quite amazing how even in this process a ewe can find her lamb! The mother-heart within me loves this and I try to get that lamb out quickly so they can match up sooner. 

We lay out all of the instruments... On a suitably rustic metal bench. However, we won't talk about what the instrument below is used for, don't want to cause any weak knee moments for the boys ;)

Then the antiseptic solution is poured... 

And it becomes a family affair. For us. The boy loads the rings onto that not-to-be-discussed instrument, the gorgeous girl helps to pen and 'cradle' the lambs, I catch the lambs, Mr Efficient administers the rings and marks the lambs. Then the farmer drenches each lamb (administers medicine), counts them and takes off any small horns that the young ones have grown in their short lives. It's a big day for both man and beast :-) 

Especially when one has a broken leg! One must align it nicely on the shelf of the instrument bench! And one's mother must carefully clean out the feet of the crutches when one returns home!

Anyways, we got there eventually. The lambs were completed, they found their mothers (again) and we went home for a warm dinner and hot showers. Actually hot showers/baths and then dinner! Definitely washed first ;-)

And with that I must attend to some more washing! Linen. There is sunshine here today and so the sheets are off the beds to be washed and hung on the line. Quickly! Before the sunshine disappears.

Welcome to a fresh new week! I'm starting afresh this week :-) Am going to conquer the laundry! Ahaha. Talk soon...

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