Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A cotton boll

Hello there! Thought I'd drop by, even though it's late by my evening standards, I've downloaded my grown-up camera pics and there are SO many! So I might as well get to sharing them hey?!

Remember the post about the cotton fields? And my not-so-technical explanations of the cotton plant ;) Here are some up-close-and-personal shots of the cotton boll. Complete with it's own lovely cotton wool balls! They do look like cotton balls yeah? Please tell me it's not just my sleep-deprived mind that is imagining it.

Here is the woody stalk that is left after the cotton has been harvested... quite pretty I thought...

The shot below shows the boll just cracked and opening. Note the sunset colours starting glow through into the background. I thought our sunsets down south were lovely but these sunsets with the big, open skies are something else! This is just a teaser 'cos I'm not organised enough tonight to actually show you one of the sunsets - oops. Had best learn to get coordinated between the laptop, big girls camera and the smartphone camera. That's a job for me in my spare time ;-)

And now I really must be off to bed. After reading this post I've realised that like good women (and men!) I'm probably pretty stretched right now, so a reasonable amount of sleep is a must! That is, of course, entirely dependent on the small people allowing me to sleep without interuptions... Hope you get your beauty sleep.

PS. Couldn't resist another field/cloud/sky/cotton shot! Please excuse :-)

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