Friday, May 24, 2013

(Lamb) Mark I

Here's the story of our (lamb) mark I...
As is often the case with farm jobs, the day got away on us...

Before we knew it we were staring down the dusk and only the ewes had been treated (more on the activities of lamb marking here, oh and here is a bit of fun from another lamb marking). Anyways, back to the ewes on this late afternoon. They had lovely trimmed toes and were dosed up on drench. Not so the lambs. And those lambs were hungry! 

Now, here I must mention the noise of lamb marking. It's catastrophic! Imagine 180-ish babies on one side of a window staring through at their mothers on the other side, and the mothers staring back. The 'crying' starts immediately and goes on ALL DAY, or at least until they are reunited. So, speed is of the essence! For the sake of your ears!!! And the lambs tummies ;-)

On this day we decided we had better call it quits; let the lambs back in with their mums and fix them up another day. It was going to be a chilly night so they needed full tummies, they needed to be back with their mums for warmth and for protection from the foxes that lurk~!

Here's what happened...


Mr Reconciliation opened the gates...

Chaos ensued as each lamb tried to find it's mum and each ewe tried to find it's lamb...

After about 10 minutes it was mostly quiet, meaning that the lambs and ewes had found each other!

And not a moment too soon, the sun was disappearing...

Oh look, it's a lovely evening! And it's quiet!!!

However, when there is a (lamb) mark I, a mark II generally follows hey?! And that is what happened a fortnight later. We did finish a little earlier :-) And we were a little more perfected for mark II. Nice to get things sorted in the second round.

Have a lovely weekend. Here's to some sunshine! And to getting things sorted the second time around!

Excuse the blur of this shot; too tired/dark/shaky. Love the subject matter though!


  1. These pictures are so gorgeous. I especially love that last one, too.

    1. Yes, something about it tugs at the heart strings hey?! :)


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