Monday, May 20, 2013

Hay, hay!

Here's some hay...
There are a few bales of hay about the place at the moment. We happened to be close to some during that golden hour in the evening... As the sun slips low in the sky... On this day I certainly enjoyed it :-)

It's fun that on an individual scale the bales are messy, the straw sticking out, the curls shining in the sunlight. But in arrangement; in a row, or in a stack, there's something almost military about the bales. Interesting. Well, to this little mind it's interesting... doesn't take much hay hey?! ;-)

And then there's that light. Golden sunlight. Doing all sorts of mystical things to ordinary rushes/reeds/water plants...

Both up close, and from a step or more back. Again that change in scale. All whilst the small people were whining in the car (remember that the golden photography hour certainly does NOT equal to the golden small person hour - quite the opposite!). And while Mr Business was chatting to the Farmer I was happily clicking!

Hmmm. Take me away golden hour, to a place where the winds slivers through the reeds and the straw glows golden!

Ha! Then I opened the car door and the golden hour switched quickly to the witching hour! And the plans for dinner quickly overcame any desire to keep snapping any more pics. Funny how you can escape, however briefly, into another world and though it's harsh to return to reality life is a bit better for having had an escape :-)

Happy new week! Talk soon...

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