Thursday, May 9, 2013

The collecting of CorningWare

Ever heard of CorningWare? There seems to be a bit of collection coming together in my kitchen ;-) Funnily enough this stuff is still being produced but my stuff is all 'vintage'.

It all started with two pieces handed down to me from my Nan; a coffee pot with no spout/lid that she used for years as a vase (who said that repurposing was a modern thing to do?!) and a interesting mixing-type bowl (it has measurements on the inside of the bowl)....

This type of CorningWare was actually made in Australia! Back in the good old days ;) And so when these first pieces were passed to me my interest was piqued... something made in Australia? Something that was both practical (this stuff is oven-safe and I put mine in the dishwasher too) and nice to look at! It's certainly pretty sitting on the kitchen bench full of fruit, even when it's only every-day fruit. All Australian fruit - of course! Can you pick the anomaly  from this photo below?

And so the two pieces became three, then four. Hmmmm. :-) This CorningWare is occasionally found in thrift/op shops, but leap on it fast when you spot it! I've since seen the coffee pot complete but it's not quite the same without the connection with my Nan, so I've kept my incomplete-but-sentimental version.  

The casserole dish (holding apples and pears) is the most recent addition to the collection, it was found on the south coast and is MASSIVE! Quite the biggest casserole dish I've ever owned; it will be great for winter casseroles.

They sit nicely on the bench as fruit containers but also have other uses... I'd love to know what that 'platter' (holding the peaches and bananas) used to be a part of; my guess is that it was a kind of giant butter dish shaped set?! I don't have a top/lid for it but am pretty sure something used to sit in the groove. Anyone know?

The anomaly in the overhead shot is the grapes and peaches! They are definitely not everyday fruit in this season. Obviously these pics were in my 'archives' and I'm only just starting to get on top of that particular folder!!! Too many photos, if that is possible, must sort and save in a timely manner...

And there ended the conversation about the collecting of CorningWare!

Have been out thrifting today and added to another kitchenware collection that seems to be occurring at the moment... more on that another time ;-) Hope you're having a thrilling Thursday! Ha! Talk soon.

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  1. In the US, the pan holding your peaches and bananas is a Microwave Grill/Browning Pan. You should see a different texture on the bottom of the pan. The way to use a grill pan is to pre-heat it in the microwave, put your food on the pan, and continue to microwave and grill at the same time.

    I've bought several microwave grill pans in different sizes and haven't been very successful using them. There are a few instructions on the Web, but I admit that I much prefer to use my stainless steel frying pans. Much less hassle and a much better product.


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