Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tinged with gold

On Monday evening we had a glorious Autumnal sunset...
Even from my viewpoint it was golden, with the small people completely absorbed in their one-afternoon-per-week screen time. I had moments to myself! Oh yes, there were still jobs to do, in fact I think I noticed the golden glow when I was filling the inside wood bin for the evening. But I could take 5 minutes to grab the camera and take these shots without some-one whinging at me for dinner!  

It was glorious even with the chill in the air! We'd had a maximum of 10 Degrees Celsius for the day. Yes, yes, I know we are soft out here in Australia... That's not a real winter you say?! Ok have it your way, but I'm staying here thanks ;-) There was a wind coming off the snow that day though...! Really, there was.

Everything was tinged with gold, even the telegraph poles and wires...

Couldn't help but fiddle with the sunlight streaming. Sorry! No, I'm not really, 'cos I know I will do it again. Too much fun for simple people like me.

Even the leaves were obliging with a tonal colouration to suit! By the end of this week those leaves will be gone methinks. So it was nice to catch them looking pretty before they finish for the year.

Alright, I must be off. I'm going to change-out (or however you term it) the lounge room from being all summery and white. It feels too chilly in there. I'm bringing in some warmth. Well, really, that room is desperately overdue for a clean-out. But if I tell myself I'm changing it around and that it's sensible to dust/vacuum while I do it the task will be more enjoyable - yeah?!

Stay warm!

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