Wednesday, October 3, 2012

5 Bikes & a Basket

Last weekend we acquired 5 bikes and a basket... for $30...

We went a-thrifting!
The purpose was to find a bike for the boy.
He's getting just a little too comfortable with his current one, read: too brave and brash for his mother's comfort!
The place was a junk centre that 'specialises' in basic bikes. These are bikes that would have otherwise gone to landfill. And yes, some of them have done thousands of kms and/or spent many an hour on dirt bike tracks. BUT there are also many that are almost brand new. They are still shiney, still with the little spikes on the tyres... that gets to me... landfill?
But it does mean that we found our bike(s)! All 5 of them! Hmmm.
One came to live at our house, one was left with family for our littlest one when we visit, the others are to reside at the farm.

We also got a basket. Or rather, I got a basket.
It's no antique. In fact it still has a plastic loop where a modern-day price tag was once attached. But it's nicely weathered. To a lovely silvery-grey. The brashness of the cane laquer is nearly all gone. And I think if I gather all of my courage I should be brave enough to get the whitewash paint happening...

 So this morning, in the chaos of school holidays, I found a tidy corner and took some photos.
I can hardly believe that they look so white! Believe me, my house is not white, not after 11 days of school holidays! Not that I'm counting mind you, I both love and despise school holidays... no lunches, or time frames but chaos does rein!

So there you go. It cracks me up a bit that we paid $5 for 5 bikes, then $5 for a basket...
It's a big basket sure, too big for a pot plant. Actually I'm not entirely sure what to do with it... though I'd appreciate it if you kept that to yourselves and didn't tell Mr Bike-Meister!

See those lovely flowers? They're a thank you from the surprise party girly! She sent these up as a thank-you for a lovely party. How nice of her hey?!
They're adding some glamour to the chaotic-school-holiday-house. And they smell lush.

We're having another gorgeous day here. Spring has truly sprung... the washing line is completely full, the garden is calling to me, the small people are happy to be outside (hopefully for today and the rest of the week!) and I'm off to make a cuppa before retreating to just about the only corner of this house that the small people don't know about - the laundry! ;-)


  1. Lovely basket Emm. I imagine you will think of all manner of things this basket can hold, do, be in your lovely house.

  2. Yes, it will defn be of use!!! Or at the very least it will look good.


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