Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wisteria Hysteria

 In our courtyard there is currently a bit of wisteria hysteria going on...

We were lucky enough to inherit a white wisteria when we moved into this house. It grows on a wall in our north facing courtyard. Yes, we do love this courtyard! And yes, I do love wisteria. Even, or perhaps especially, white wisteria.

This particular wisteria was perhaps not quite the perfect structure when we moved in. It's lines just weren't right, or rather, it's main branches didn't match the scale of the wall on which it grew. And perhaps we weren't quite ready to give the right kind of appreciation to this wisteria. Whatever it was, this lovely wisteria has been pruned within an inch of it's life for last winter and the one before (our first as owners of this proud vine). But not this year... This year the fine lines required for the wall (;-)), as required by Mr Prunings, were reached! And so the prunings could be more of the maitenance sort, rather than the re-aligning sort

So what does all mean? Well, Mr Prunings can be quite brutal when he cuts you down to size ;-) Or re-aligns you! And when he doesn't? Well, you can truly flower!!! So the pruning this winter was just cutting the length (or summer's growth) off the ends of the canes/branches. It means that plenty of buds were left untouched. Which means that there will be flowers!!! And that's where we're up to now... waiting for the flowers.

They are so close...

And there are plenty of them on the wisteria. All the way along it's, still nude, main branches. So we're a little hysterical waiting for them. We know they will be lovely! And we know we will appreciate them this year, after two years with virtually none or only a few sorry flowers at each end of the main branches. 

There is something pretty cool about the buds right now too. And they tie in beautifully with the feature 'border' on the wall. When I get a spare moment, actually I'll do it when these buds are all open, I'll take some shots of the courtyard for you... it's lovely out there with a cup of tea in the sunshine :-) 

We're off on a jaunt today, to a agricultural field day... should be fun. I just hope it beats a cup of tea in the courtyard, or the painting of yet another white wall! 

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