Wednesday, October 10, 2012

'Camping' and making tracks...

What do the small people in Australia do during their spring holidays? This is what ours did...

They went 'camping'. As-you-do-cos-you-can!
Apparently they went to Fraser Island (a gorgeous aussie island off the east coast)... coincidentally one of their favourite Aunts returned from there recently! The tent was set-up (with only a little assitance). They built a 'campfire' to warm their hands and feet. Obviously. That is what you do when you go camping yes?!

Then they sat around in their camp chairs, telling stories by the fireside. As you do when you are camping... They asked for marshmallows too. If I could have supplied them from the pantry I would have - they were creating such a glorious, imaginative game.

When the camping paled, or perhaps it was that the gorgeous girl was spending just a bit too much time getting ready to go to the beach on 'Fraser Island', the boy and I built a dirt bike track... out of bits and bobs I had in the craft/stationary cupboard...

It included an active volcano, dangerously close to the track (of course), an ancient pine tree, numerous jumps and a crocodile infested river. Of course! You know boys!!!

These photos show the only time it's actually been played with. Grrr. Upon completion the boy promptly decided it was too good to play with! And so it has became a static 'collage' to be looked at, admired and to gather dust. Do you see why I was counting down 'til school went back?! Anyways, I had fun 'building' the track, and I earnt major browny points from the boy for my creativity. I think he was horrified when I first brought out the brown tape but he thought it looked VERY cool by the end ;-)

And finally, they went walking (see below). In the afternoon sunlight, at the farm, with other small Aussie people. What a life hey?! Ah, the simple life of an Aussie kid! Hope they remember the simple holidays (as well as the big trips) when they are no longer small people... Do you remember your simple holidays as a small person? I can remember spending all six weeks of one summer holidays playing 'schools' on the back verandah, and I seem to remember some 'camping' at some stage too... I reckon it is character-building stuff ;-)

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  1. That last pic of the children walking in the late afternoon light is just great! What a nice place to visit.


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