Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ah, the wisteria...

Ah, the wisteria... she's in full bloom. Right now. And isn't she beautiful?!

She lives in our courtyard. And we've been watching her closely ever since the air started to get that spring feeling. Check her here, this was a week or so ago. Now, look at her!

We knew she'd be gorgeous! We hoped for plenty of flowers. And she's certainly delivered!!! She's loaded!

And every afternoon, in that golden hour when the sun starts to dip towards the horizon, she just glows. The light sits behind those flowers, it shines through them and my eyes have a soothing moment when they rest on this sight as I pick and wash the lettuce for dinner. Sound idyllic? Huh! Well I suppose, it kinda is. But that's only to make up for the other moments in life. The oh-so-very-normal moments - when chaos reigns and nothing seems at all idyllic!

Ahhhh. Aint she dainty? :-)

And speaking of picking the salad... here's the courtyard herb/salad garden. We've got chives, garlic chives, flat-leaved parsley and a few lettuces in here. It's right outside the kitchen window. So I can look out and mentally select the 'sides' for dinner. And it takes but two secs to run out and snip off some parsley to whack in the spag bol. Yum!

Here's a birds-eye view. The regular chives is flowering. They are pretty little flowers but I am not sure it's a good thing for your chives to flower if you want to keep picking it for food. So I de-head the flowers. Cruel hey?! Have to take the frustration out on something ;-)

Rightio. Am off. To stare at the wisteria and pretend that life is idyllic! I'd better pop my blinkers on first so I can't see the house in my peripheral vision!!!
Catch you tomorrow... I'll be posting from the farm...

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