Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thurs - Fly bys

Had anything fly by your place lately???
We have! Last Saturday I got some shots of two very different 'creatures' flying by our place.

I was out admiring the spring blossom on our apple trees. They look so gorgeous at this time of year so I spent a few moments wishing and hoping that this year we will be able to enjoy some more apples. Last year the birds hooked in and then the dog finished off the damaged apples! At least there was no waste! But it would be very nice to enjoy the fruit ourselves...

Then, the hum started. There were planes in the air... this is not unusual we are close to a gliding 'range', plus the commercial airlines fly high above us as they head west across the country. But this was not the hum of planes high above us, or those towing gliders... these were not just our normal type of planes...

These were stunt planes! Thank goodness for a bit of zoom! They were actually a long way away...

We all got quite excited when they banked and did another fly by. Here they are as they flew by. In formation of course! They were much closer this time. Through the zoom I could see the pilot silhouettes. These stunt planes are entertaining the crowds on Mount Panorama last weekend. Heard of Mount Panorama? My hint for you is we can hear the roar of the V8s from our place, and we live quite a few kilometres away!

So, there you go. One type of 'creature' flying by. And flying by they did. There one minute, back for another moment and then they headed east again. Gone with a barrel roll.

Then it was back to the blossom for me. With an adjustment to the shutter speed I was off on another photo shooting spree. And then the next 'creature' fly into the frame. A little bee. This is the point when you wish for a macro lens... but I quite like these shots even without the fancy lens.

Hello Mr BuzzBee! Please spend as much time as you like in our apple trees! We would be thrilled if you visited every single blossom... Really, we would. Oh, but would you mind keeping to an altitude of at least 1.5 metres, relative to our ground level, please? That would ensure that the small people do not create complications. For you and for me! Thank you very much :-)

There's my story of two creatures flying by :-) A fun little morning. Even with a grey sky. In fact it was a great background for Mr BuzzBee and the blossom.

Today we're having another grey morning, but it's cold along with the greyness. Brrr. Just a reminder of why we are looking forward to summer! And with a little bit of rain in the night we're keeping the farmers happy. I'm off to continue the whitening project... all the while crossing my fingers that the greyness doesn't put Mr BuzzBee off his work! Ciao.


  1. Just discovered your blog. Lovely, spring blossoms. We are just entering fall here in the midwest U.S. I've apparently been watching too much late night TV. At first, in your first aircraft pic, I thought they looked like UFOs!-until I continued reading. How interesting to see such a large group of stunt planes. I like to use my camera to zoom in on far away details also.


    1. Hi Susie! How exciting that you've discovered imageryfromlife! Who knows whether UFOs will feature in a post; you can never be sure what your camera will capture ;-) Hope to see you often around here... R, Emma.

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