Monday, October 8, 2012

Tablescaping; a creek

How do you create a tablescape suitable for a farmer's birthday.....?

Well, being the true trooper that I am I handed the task over to our gorgeous girl! She's growing into a very creative small person...

We were having a birthday dinner for the farmer at our place.

Now, we all know that the average Aussie farmer isn't really taken with frills and frippery. And probably not candles (but he got them anyway!). Nor with too many flowers, especially the lovely delicate spring blossom we are enjoying right now...

So what to do? Create a 'creek' on the table of course!

That's what the gorgeous girl did. She lined up two rows of polished stones into a meandering curving 'creek', they were slightly more glamorous than the usual creek variety, she was using artistic license though ;-)


 Then she lined the 'creek' with candles. And ended the 'creek' with suitably masculine foliage and some vintage glass, which the farmer considers with amusement (why would you collect that stuff?!). He does, however, appreciate it's practicality from a former life!

 It all looked very effective!

And when the lights went out....

(No, we didn't have a power outage, or black-out as we Aussies call them.... It had been a warm afternoon. I'd roasted a leg of lamb for dinner. And the flies decided that our house was the place to be! Mr Hospitality has a blowfly trapping trick... He turns all but one light out in our ensuite, the flies then head in there for the light/warmth, and he quickly shuts the door to 'deal' with them in a smaller space! It's an interesting approach when you are having a leisurely, social dinner!!!). Ah, that's why I love him ;-) And it did make the table look lovely...

There's the story of our 'creek' on the table. A bit different and a bit of fun. And now the weekend is over and we're into a new week...

It's going to be an interesting week... I've started the ensuite painting and am planning to finish it this week... it should be quiet with the largest small people back at school... we need to settle back into the school routine... the garden is calling again... the joys of it all! But I've got some lovely school holiday shots to show you, a new photo challenge to reveal, and (fingers crossed) some before/after shots of the ensuite bathroom! So, I'll see you soon.


  1. The table looked fabulous and the dinner was just so yummy. Thank you again. But, I didn't get the ironing!

    1. The ironing. Ah, the ironing... Let's just leave it as is, ok?!


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