Friday, October 5, 2012

Water Views

Alright. Today's post is all about some recent water views... at the creek, at the farm...

You might recognise the water and rocks... from this post about me putting my feet up. Ha! Feet up?! Ha! 

BUT... It is Friday, when posts are (supposedly) at the farm...

BUT... Life is chaos here at the moment.
The small people need to go back to school, ie. they are driving me crazy!
We've some lovely people coming for dinner tonight so I've a baked dinner to think about now and throw in the oven later.
There is still a crazy amount of washing to be done (I'm blaming the school holidays, however some of the ironing is from the last warm season!).
And of course, I've decided now is time to paint the ceiling and walls of our ensuite bathroom...
Hopefully by the time I've finished the ceiling and walls the tiles will either look a million dollars, or I'll be motivated to give them a spruce up too and paint them also! That will definitely be AFTER school goes back...

BUT... last night I went to a friend's house and learnt all about this whiz-bang photo program photos...
I bought it ;-)

When it arrives I'll be very busy 'playing' with my photos... too busy to paint... or wash... or iron. So the remnants of the winter ironing will wait 'til next season.

Or 'til I invite some lovely people over for dinner and hand them the iron as they walk through the door... iron 5 garments before you get dinner... :-)

So, you coming over for dinner?!

BUT... Really, I will survive!

And what's that saying? Give a busy women a job... Or something to that effect.

The diary is definitely getting a work-out, the lists are being scribbled furiously,  I can tell you.

BUT... If I continue to sit here nothing will get done hey?!

So, happy Friday! Have a lovely weekend...



  1. I'm coming for dinner and would love you to hand over the ironing - please?
    Your pics of the littlest one in the earlier blog are just gorgeous.

    1. Hand over the ironing?! Are you mad? My dinner won't be that good!!! ;-)


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