Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A small piece of Europe

Here we are in Adelaide. The 'most-european-like' city in Australia. In terms of buildings, parkland and colour. Well, I reckon anyway :-) We're staying in the middle of suburbia here, at a normal sort of caravan park. But there is a slightly different air to this spot. There something of Europe here. You see, a couple of years ago we got an amazing deal on flights and to Europe we did go. We hired a motorhome and travelled about the place. As you do ;-) What really struck me then, and is again striking me, was the 'green'. Everything seemed so green! In colour. Even in the cities there were patches of absolute green. And travelling with children meant we often sought out the local parks. Well this local park is in Adelaide but it reminds me of the parks we frequented in Europe. Tucked in beside the caravan park, alongside the river and across the road to a string of classic old federation homes. Many of these homes have gorgeous stonework and verandahs with the wrought iron fretwork. Just lovely. So I'm rather loving this spot! It's taking me back to Europe!

What's more, just a short stroll down the road is a fantastic bakery! We went there yesterday for morning tea, we thought about going back for lunch but instead we're heading back there this afternoon for afternoon tea. We might even have to sneak another visit in there after we leave the caravan park in the morning ;-)

So, this morning we walked in towards the city, along the river to the zoo. That's the other European thing about the place; there are walking paths tucked in nicely leading from suburbia into the city. There are people walking, jogging and cycling. All going about their daily lives. Love seeing little snippets of people and imagining what their lives are...

The zoo was great. The small people oohed and aahed at every animal! The new panda's were lovely. The weather was sunny and it was generally a good time for all. No-one even minded the stroll home along the river. In fact I think they were having running races while the littlest one and I were admiring the flowers!

Tomorrow we leave Adelaide. We pick up our camper trailer and head north, to a sleepy little spot on the water's edge. With a great jetty! Fingers crossed we get there in good light... with time for plenty of photos... will let you know. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Quote from Life

This is a photo of the road heading out of the Riverland region in South Australia. Once you get over this line of hills you are in the Barossa Valley. The european photos that I mentioned are coming in a post, tomorrow ok?! If you missed the mention of some european photos here it is in yesterday's post. Amazingly, I remembered that Tuesday's are supposed to be 'A Quote from Life'. For last week's quote click here

And here is another as apt, though a little less noble, travel quote:
"When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.  Then take half the clothes and twice the money." Susan Heller. 

Ah, it's all good fun!!!