Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bold & Blue

We have the smell of paint wafting through the house...

Blue paint. Bold, blue paint! It's a long time since I've painted the walls of a house in a dark colour. It's taken nearly four months for me to be brave enough to do it in this house!!! But it's done now and there's no going back... Phew!

The entry hallway received the bold, blue strokes of paint. Initially I thought I'd do just the wall behind the fireplace. That's where I started. Once it was dry I couldn't wait to paint the other walls of the hallway :-) So on I went. And I love it! Even the small people approve of the colour. They are not so approving of plain white (which is my normal painting habit).

Mind you, this is not a colour I'd continue through the house. Or rather, it's just too dark to not make rooms seem smaller than they are. But in this not-quite-a-room, with plenty of door trim and a white hallway leading off just to the right of the fireplace, it's all good!

And suddenly the slate floor, that we thought really ought go (it has grout issues) might need to be repaired or something... It looks lovely against this blue :-) 

Oh, that lamp. Here's the story of it's entry into our home.... Gotta love a bit of op-shopping!

So how's your house today? Got a lingering paint smell? I've continued on with the painting, though I'm back to painting with white now, up the hallway. It looks so crisp! There's something that says 'nesting' about painting hey?! Maybe it's the cooler weather moving in... But we've planted some trees though too. I think we're settling in :-) And the lambs are arriving. I must get some pics for you... Well, here's to bold colours and actions!


  1. Beautiful, Emma. I admire your energy and creativity.

    1. Yep, it's a beautiful blue, thanks Kathy!

  2. Looks fantastic Emm. Love the colour!


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