Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rain on our hydrangeas

Hello, hello! How are you? Come on in, today's it all about hydrangeas, or the attempt at growing them...

So, who loves hydrangeas??? Ah, yes, perhaps it's a girly thing, they truly seem to speak loudly! Even though for a lot of the year they look quite, quite miserable (perhaps even more-so than a good old rose). It's those flowers hey, they are just glorious!

Well, I've always yearned for a garden in which to grow hydrangeas. Living in the west (we were 500kms west of up until 3 years ago) did NOT allow for this, the flowers were burnt to a crisp  before we even hit morning tea time! But here in the hills on the western edge of the great dividing range (a great spine of mountains running down the eastern side of Australia) we are more suited to cool climate plants. And, more importantly, we have a garden that is beautifully shaded in the summer by deciduous trees. So hydrangeas were duly purchased and planted, plus Mr Green-Thumb struck some cuttings from his Grandfathers garden and these joined the market purchases...

What we didn't bargain on was the boy deciding that the back of this garden was the perfect spot for a game of soccer! Are you kidding?!!! He certainly rained on our parade :-) In fact he split the stem of 50% of our hydrangea plants.... off at ground level.... grrrr! Luckily the plant stall at our local country fair had a good supply and we purchased replacements. Well, perhaps I did grab a few extra ones, but nothing to make a song and dance about ok?! As long as the soccer ball stays out of the garden... hear that young boy?!!! Stick to your board riding ;-)

BTW - These shots are me attempting to get some interesting pics of water from a sprinkler. Hmmm, yes I know it's not rocket science, or even housework! It does however keep me out of mischief!

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