Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Good morning to you! Hope you had a lovely Easter...

Here is the post that I said I'd put up on Friday. Good Friday. What was I thinking? Or more the point, I wasn't thinking ;-) The small people beat me in rising and of course from then on it was a busy morning. We had family arriving, the weather was beautiful and there was no sitting down in front of a screen!!!

So in this post I was going to attempt some witty comment about being 'stumped'... About not having the answer... or not having anything to say... or not being able to work something out... but this morning I am stumped about being stumped :-)

Anyways, here we are. At least, miraculous though it is, the house is resembling something sensible, I've moved some of our living space around to accommodate lighting our wood fire (this may happen shortly as the mornings are feeling very chilly), and the clothes are hanging out on the line in the sunshine. I've even done some ironing ;-) Actually I made myself to do it before I allowed myself to sit down and blog! Disciplined hey?!

And the stump? This stump is out at the farm. There's a lot of stumps out there really. Trees that have ended their days. Nothing terribly unusual. I do like them though. They are a focal point in the landscape. They have great texture and weathering. The shades of colours are interesting. Sometimes they even house interesting creatures! Not always interesting in a positive way either. Well, on this day the only interesting fun I had was trying to capture the stump in detail.

Here's the complete stump. Or tree. Next time I'll have to look down and take some more pics around the base of the stump. In the meantime, welcome to a new (short!) week, and I hope you enjoy being stumped today...

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