Thursday, March 28, 2013


Thistle-do This will do for a Thursday evening hey?!

You know sometimes in life it's enough to just make it through to the end of a day hey?! Today is such a day. 'Thistle-do'. This will do. This will definitely do... Well, at least for today.

Tomorrow is another day. A new start. A new chance to make some changes and maybe make a difference. But right now I'm grateful to have the littlest one in bed asleep, the dinner stuff in the dishwasher, the washing in off the line (and out of the rain), the school bags packed away and the week's business over.

Hope you have a lovely Easter planned, that the weather stays nice and that you have loved ones around you.


PS. I have a farm post for you tomorrow on Good Friday. I aim to sneak it in before the small people are too alert and before my lovely mum and pa arrive :-)

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