Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beach Bliss

Hi All! Did you notice I was not very 'here' last week??? Well, I was in another place altogether...

We were at the beach. Ahhhhh. Such bliss! :-)

Our beach sojourn is an annual habit that we've come to rely on. A bit like a crutch. We know it's coming up and though the dates change about a bit we tend to go toward to end of summer. When it's quiet on the beach. And you get those last lingering warm days. The water is still warm from the summer currents. It's generally all good. Good for the mind, good for the soul and good for the body. To just be. At the beach. Hmmm. Can you tell I'm still smiling about it?!

This year the crutch was especially needed. We've had some unspeakable days and we are quite conscious there are others right now who are having harder, tougher times. Life is not always a beach hey? It's rather hard to contemplate really. Our time away helped me to redraw strength. To think. To just sit. I hope I can pass some of that on to others who are having those unspeakable moments.

There seem to be quite a few photos from the beach to sort through ;-) I must get on with it. And I plan to show you some more of the time. I might just string it out a bit so I can relive that time a little more! Plus I have plans to throw the better shots (say top 20%, that might narrow it down to one hundred or so pics!) onto a SD card and pop it into the digital photo frame that sits on our kitchen bench... nothing like a beachside scene to gaze out whilst one is making the school lunches!

So, now, on with life hey?! I have missed posting actually, which is a nice way to come back! To be enthusiastic about my own little project :-) Something that doesn't need washing, or even ironing! It's all good. Well, it's good for me and I hope it brings a little bit of goodness to your life too!

I'll be back tomorrow. With some homely stuff :-)

NB. The boy was just about to launch into a cartwheel in the shot below! Nothing like a scene like this to make you want to turn cartwheels :-) Though this slightly more aged one left the cartwheels to the small people!~

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