Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unspeakable days

On Monday we picked these stems off the roadside. On Monday we had an unspeakable day.

When we got home after a long day on the road, travelling through beautiful Australian landscapes, I plonked these stems in this flask. That's as far as I got. It had been one of those days that uses all of your energy, all of your emotion and we needed to be hydrated in spirit just as these stems needed some water.

Mr Botanical hopped online. He googled. He ID'd. He 'hydrated' his being with some light research work :-) Good on him hey?! And the result was that he worked out that these stems are called cotton bush or milkweed. And they not native to Australia. And they are poisonous! So our slight guilt at picking these stems from the roadside quickly evaporated. Now I am careful in my handling of them. We won't be planting them anywhere in the garden, nor did I leave them on the dining table after taking these shots!

 Right now, these stems are residing on the window sill so I can keep gazing at them. I like the structure and the interesting architecture of the flowers and fruit pod. It's making me smile, and it's helping me to remember our day. With a smile; it's important to try and remember those unspeakable times with a smile. And with love.

Outside here we have a beautiful day. The littlest one even told me so as she played and gazed out the window this morning. She appreciates her surroundings and told us during our travels on Monday that the clouds were 'pretty cwouds Mum'! It made us look and appreciate too. We must try and appreciate in our remembering too.

This blog helps me appreciate. Firstly because it prompts me to take photos of that which is around me. And secondly because the images look so clean and calm up on the screen. Unlike many parts of my life, and mind, which is only calm for VERY short periods of time! So, with that I'll be off. Off to get my post for tomorrow sorted. It will be Friday and the post is a farm one :-)

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  1. I'm sorry about your difficult day on Monday. Take it easy and take care


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