Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An urn in the evening

Here's our urn in the evening light. A bit of fun photography that I didn't expect!

The urn sits against our VERY light colour bond (corrugated iron) shed. It's the wall that gets the afternoon sunlight. Thus the brightness, even though it's evening. And when you take a close-up of the urn itself the wall becomes a well-lit background. And the urn kinda glows. Or was that my frazzled mind glowing after dealing with the witching hour?!

A few shadows add some realism. Still something nice about it hey? And something even nicer when you realise that Mr Cultivator is in the background checking on the vegie garden... :-) I am very grateful to still be smiling when I see this Mr about the place. We're a decade on and still smiling. 

 Last week I was reading a gardening mag that mentioned how you need to create spots in your garden that make you smile when you walk past/through etc. Well, though this isn't even vegetation this little spot in our garden makes me smile! I can see it from the back windows of our house and this urn (scored cheap because of a chip in it's rim) sits up there lovely against the brightness...

Here's to creating spots that make us smile!

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