Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Photo challenge; a fan

Hiya! Thought I'd show you a shot of our ceiling fan that I took using Mr Techno's idevice...

This i-stuff is quite the go hey?! As a stay-at-home mum I've been not exactly avoiding it, but I've been ignoring it. New technology is fun, and I do think the small people in my house (and every other house) will be the generation of the touch screen. Whereas we are generation of the mouse! BUT I've been going for the simple life, on a single income, and that doesn't include the purchase of new devices just because they're available. Even though I would really love to try them ;-) So I've been resisting!

But then these devices started appearing, purchased as a part of Mr Techno's employment. And occasionally I got to have a turn on an idevice. Hmmm. They ARE fun! And they can take some interesting photos... So, though I am NOT heading out to purchase an idevice anytime soon, I am investigating some contracts including my own mobile phone and we will see... 

In the meantime, enjoy your day whether it's inclusive of smart devices or not!!!

R, Emm.

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