Friday, March 1, 2013

Rain on the pane

Like my shot of rain on the pane? This pane of glass just happens to be our windscreen... and no, I wasn't the driver!

I thought I'd have a go at capturing the rain racing up the windscreen. Along with the setting sun it was good fun :-) Even more so when I overheard the small people in the back seat 'choosing' a raindrop and then 'racing' them up the pane to see who won - remember doing that? We won't talk about what they said/did when the 'chosen' one didn't 'win' the race up the pane!!!

Of course, when one is peering through a camera lens it's hard to stop with just one shot... and the sunset soon started to feature...

Then the clouds. Combined with the polarising effect of the tinted car side windows... aren't you glad it wasn't me driving?! And aren't you glad I don't take too many pics through the car windows - just humour me this once!

Hmmm, lovely rural Australian landscapes... lots of our country looks like this, at least until you get further west to these landscapes, and then to the centre when it's like this... I love our landscapes, though you've probably guess that by now!

It's raining again today. After a night of rain. So there are lots of drops on the window panes here at home again, like these ones. It's also chilly today, definitely autumn now. Fitting given the date! We're snug inside and I'm busy making beds, vacuuming etc. We're having family here for the weekend. Hope the rain stops before too long.

Well, here's to a nice, snug weekend! Enjoy it!

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