Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A sweet spoon.

Well hello! Imagine seeing you here! Do you like my spoon? Do you like my (sugar) pot  ;-)

Today's post is in honour of a plain, though nicely glossy white, thrifted sugar pot and a fancy little spoon from Venice. No, no, this spoon was NOT sourced by this Aussie, stay-at-home, mum of three small people but by some-one who leads a much more glamorous life than I! :-) Her travels invoked the travel jealously pangs mentioned way back here.

However, her generous nature meant that I scored some LOVELY goodies. This spoon amongst them :-) 

Then it was my task to find a sugar pot that would display the spoon to it's utmost advantage.... bring on the thrift shops I said! And off I went on the hunt! I thought it might take a few weeks of looking, you know, to find something like what I had in mind rather than just whatever was available on the shelf that week. But no, on my first stop here was a very simple little pot. Glossy to sit nicely with the gloss glass of the spoon handle, but nothing too flash to compete with the spoon. Oh yes, I concentrate on even the small design details in this house ;-) Ha!

This little combo sits on my next right next to the kettle, so every time I make a cuppa I get to gaze at it and smile :-) A complicated life hey?! This morning it does feel rather complicated as I try and understand the complexities of small people! They gave me a horrid morning in the feverish moments of getting out the door to school... ugh. So now I'm off to make a cup of tea BEFORE I embark on the household tasks. Normally I try and hold off on that first quiet cuppa after the morning rush so I can sit properly and enjoy it without thinking of the jobs to still be done, but this morning I need it before those jobs!

Please tell me I'm not alone in these small, seemingly insignificant, life complications!

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