Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday's Thought from Life

Thursday's Thought from Life: Sometimes life involves sharp points!
This week has seen me:
- Say 'yes' to too much
- Say 'yes' to too many people (mostly to the small people in the house!)
- Try to plan for some not-so-cheery parts of the future
- Not get my usual tidying, cleaning routine completed
- Being generally less-organised
- Nearly drowning in the ironing!!!

There have been some very sharp points. Grrrr. But, then, that is life isn't it? And given that I am stuck here right in the middle of an everyday life, I should expect some sharpness. I am privileged to not have too many weeks with too many sharp points. Really, I am. 

So I'll stop whining. And start taking more photos of boring little things like thumbtacks! I am loving how these shots turned out! Just a white canvas, used here, for the background. A few golden tacks and a low 'A' setting. Gold. Yet very everyday really.

What everyday things do you like taking photos of? With what settings? Maybe this is where I should be starting my photography challenge for the next few months - find very everyday objects and try making them into great photos. I could even run a series of them... swap it for 'A Quote from Life'. What do you think? Could be good;-) And help me to enjoy more of the sharp pointy bits of life... At the very least I should learn more (photography) techniques!