Monday, August 13, 2012

A box of (Fowler's) fun

 If you found a box like this would you get a teensy bit excited??? I did;-)

My lovely Dad found this box deep in the storage shelves at their place. I just happened to be visiting at the time! Strange coincidence hey?! No, I'd asked Dad if they had any glass jars I could use for an upcoming project (more on that at a later date). And he pulled this box out. A very clever man hey?! I'm not sure that I could pull a hat-trick like this from the depths of my storage system! 

So this is the view of the contents, well the view of the concealed contents. But it was enough to make me VERY hopeful that the contents were indeed 'Preserving Jars' and maybe, just maybe, they were some lovely preserving jars. You know, the vintage kind. The cardboard box looked fairly aged, and the wrapping looked authentic too... fingers crossed!

In fact, the wrapping looked very authentic. Like it hadn't been disturbed in a very, long time.

Then it just got fun. I love photographing glass, check this lovely green vintage bottle out, it was the start of me blogging. Unwrapping these 'jars' (I said with my fingers and toes crossed) just made me think of lollies. You know those ones you used to buy from your local corner store, wrapped in striped paper with a twist at each end? You sucked them and they lasted for ages. Old-fashioned candy lollies. Yum! The wrapping was part of the experience. And so it was here...

And then, Ta-Da, there they were. Fowler's jars. The box was full of them, nearly two dozen of them! The only other inclusion was one normal modern glass coffee jar. Oh, I nearly forgot, there was one other cute little vintage glass jar too. Probably the old version of the normal coffee jar:-) Why are (most) vintage things so much nicer than their modern counterparts? I wonder if our children will make similar comments about our 'normal' things.

It was fun to play then. The white table came in handy again as a canvas, being well white, it provided a nice blank background to let the glass shine. Please pardon the pun!

I like the aged, yellowed paper in the background too. Gives a warmth to the crispness.  Can glass be crisp? Not sure that's the correct adjective to use but Mr Studious is busy finishing off his own writing, so I can't ask him. He's VERY busy doing a couple of bits he forgot about last week. They HAVE to be in by the start of the business day on Monday morning. Today that probably is, for you reading this. So that means I am currently cracking open a bottle of bubbly! At 9am on a Monday morning, you ask? For sure?! Are you joining me? I'll pour you some now! It's been nearly six years of study, so I think I we deserve it;-)  

.....Actually, I'm sitting here having a nice, hot cup of tea and a scotch finger - that's reality isn't it?!

With that I'll leave you. Enjoy your Monday. We're off to enjoy our day. It's the start of a new chapter in our life really! Very exciting, and most importantly, no more guilt from Mr Studious when he kicks back and relaxes on the weekend (instead of writing). Not that he's done much of that for the last six months, I have a long list of male-necessary jobs to prove it! Hope your Monday is good, ours certainly will be!

BTW - It's a very good thing we got these jars out of the box methinks, that corner wasn't going to hold out for too much longer, I had to be very careful carrying it to the white table for it's photo shoot! Yay for saving the Fowler's jars!