Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The yellow scarf

Here's a funny little story for you... about a yellow scarf, except it's not a scarf. 

Well it's a scarf now. For me at least. You see, last Thursday evening our Gorgeous Girl and I headed into town to the shops. It was to be a brief trip to pick up our milk delivery from our local dairy to our local co-op (I'll have to tell you about that another time too). As is always the case, girls going close to shops have trouble resisting! Plus we don't get much time together in shops 'cos she's at school all day, so in we went. And, of course we found 'stuff'. It was a young peoples shop. You know the ones, loud music that makes you feel old, colours like you wouldn't believe (I like that bit!) and tight pants that aren't for mums-of-three-kids-like-me!

Anyways. The Gorgeous Girl found a few things and I found this lovely, bright, drapey vest/jacket/cardi 'thing'. I thought it would be a versatile way to brighten up my wardrobe coming into spring... I should have noted that the sizing was 'OSFA'. Must be wary of that in future, unless it's a scarf! This wasn't, well not in the shop. But it was sunshine yellow!

Are you with me? That lovely, drapey, cardi/vest 'thing' is now my scarf! When I actually tried it on at home (no, of course I didn't try it in the shop it was OSFA!),  it looked rather like a bright sack. A sack that no-one would miss, in fact they'd need sunglassses for that expanse of brightness! Ooops. I was kicking myself when I wrapped the 'thing' back up to put it in the bag. Then as I looked at it I realised it was rather like a thick scarf. And it's cost was nicely similar to an everyday scarf price. Hmmm. So, with that I wrapped it around my neck!

I've worn it nearly every day since:-) I wear it to town, school and walking. It's a lovely colour to brighten the day when there is no sunshine, or to add to it when there is... I just have to make sure the buttons aren't showing ;-) I do seem to have scarf issues in my life! Hope you've got some sunshine in your day today!