Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Photo Challenge: Eggs

Welcome to my self-imposed photo challenge; to photograph everyday items in a not-so-everyday-way...

First up, it was thumbtacks. Now it's eggs. Remember all of that cooking I did last week? It was the great cake week wasn't it, well in some way it was great. By the end of it I REALLY needed to this walk. So, the eggs. They were in the 2-4-6-8 Cake. It generally uses 2 eggs. I doubled the recipe, so used 4. Being a conscientious crazy cook I always crack eggs into a bowl before adding them to the mix. I've learnt my lesson! I've added shell too many times you see...

These eggs are from a chook farm not too far from here. I love that they sell them in bulk (Fifteen egg) cartons for families/cooks/brekky lovers like us! And they are nice big eggs with lovely yellow yolks. Good for cooking, eating and photographing ;-)

It did help that the sun was streaming in through the kitchen window! And that the shells were also nice and brown. A great texture I reckon. The egg's shell that is. I couldn't quite catch it properly on camera, must be time to start working on a macro lens! Hmmm. Hard to justify for this family. We've not got enough reasons/excuses to spend that just yet. I'll have to find a way to claim it on my tax. Hahaha. You've got to be earning money to pay tax, and then claim on it don't you?! Oops. Ah well. Happy not working for money at the moment, just working for the family and our lovely life together.

And just when I thought it was all about the eggs the carton makes it's presence felt. How about the symmetry of the peaks marching along the carton? I quite like them. And blending/fading out into the background. I've noticed this concept in a couple of other people's posts recently; abeachcottage shows them in Sarah's recent NYC visit to Central Park (her's a are posts/pillars along a path) and thepioneerwomen discusses the background effect in this post. I think maybe the above shot is a combination of these two concepts. These carton peaks become the background but provide a line-of-site/interest in the image. Or maybe they don't! :-) I've got a bit of waffle happening! It must be the thick head-cold I've got...

And one last shot. Just to show that this really was everyday stuff... And that I'm living a real life... These shots were taken amidst the chaos of cooking a cake, providing a spoon for the littlest one to lick and making sure she didn't fall off the bench while she licked!

How did you like my egg shots? Have I met my own challenge do you think? To take shots of an everyday item in an interesting way? Have you taken a self-imposed challenge? Do you do those monthly photo-a-day challenges? I love the thought of them, I just haven't got the discipline to stick to the list, or click away every day! I admire those who do. 

Am off now to make some more cakes. Did I tell you? It's the boys birthday party this weekend? I won't be blogging these cakes, I've had enough of cakes! Though I wouldn't mind a slice of a good mud cake with my cup of tea ;-)

PS. Check out the Recipes for Life tab to see all the cake details from last week.