Monday, August 20, 2012

Flowers in thanks

Hmmm. Do you like flowers?! Was that a 'yes' I heard? Then check these out....
These flowers are my thanks for assisting Mr SmartyPants with the completion of his writing. It's been a long time in the doing, first in the commencement and then completion. In that time he's worked very hard, and so have I! Some-one had to do the bulk of the child-rearing, most of the cooking (pretty much), and all of the cleaning. He's been here (when we really needed him), but let's just say he's been a bit preoccupied.

And now it's done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I've been given this lovely bunch of flowers ;-)

Aren't they lovely? All tied up with brown paper and string, the bunch certainly includes a few of my favourite things! So different. Very bright, with a bit of native and a lot of colour.

There was even a bonus little 'arrangement' tied on the outside. Such a nice way to use a short-stemmed rose up. Pop it on the outside of the brown paper, tied up with a piece of string and a sprig of greenery. So I popped it in a little vintage glass jug and it's on the dressing table smiling at me every time I walk past - lovely!

Here's my obligatory stem/water shot. I love those. It's the science nerd coming out in me;-) You know, glass/light/water/refraction etc etc. I have to hark back to my three years of university somehow! I did a B.Sc. And unlike Mr SmartyPants, I'm not going back to the institution. No, it would take a VERY smashing course to see me take on study again. I'm happy to take the photos at his graduation ceremony! And receive the flowers! Yay ;-) 

Mind you, there wasn't much to 'yay' about a few weeks ago. Not when he was writing right through the night. We were all feeling it, even the small people noticed. But now the pain is fading fast. Kinda like having a baby, the pain fades huh?! Not ever completely though, no, I don't think so.

Well, I'm off. I've a house to recover. We had the boy's birthday party, inside. Yes, 13 small people under 10 inside. My house will never quite be the same again... Though the pain will fade hey?! Oh, they were really very good, and we had fun. But there does need to be a full recovery plan put into action. I've started, thus the late posting today. There's plenty more to do. Then there's washing to catch up on. 'Cos no washing dried on the weekend; it snowed! I've photos to show you to prove it... Catch you tomorrow!