Friday, August 10, 2012

A walk in the sunshine

Yesterday I took a walk in the sunshine. Out to the corner of a farm...
I love that I can walk for 10 minutes and be right at the corner of a farm! I-so-needed this walk! You know how you get to that point? When you just HAVE to get outside, in the sun, with the wind blowing on your face. Love it! Remember this week I've spent waayyyy too much time in the kitchen, cooking cakes, and watching the sunlight play in the courtyard. So out I went, a walkin'. Out to the farmland... Good timing hey? Given that today is a Friday, and Fridays are when I post about the farm ;-) Sometimes I'm organised!

Obviously this farm borders suburbia. Which I am sure makes for some tricky farming business at times. But luckily this corner is a cropping paddock (so maybe less complicated then having a bull in the paddock next to people's homes!). Here's the corner strainer post of the fence, it's actually the corner of the farm too. Check out another fence post here. You can't actually see the farm house here, it's sort of straight ahead, down a slight decline towards the river. Tucked right away from this corner, and from suburbia. Clever of them!

You can only just see the touches of green across the paddock as the tips of the crop start to poke through the soil surface. Once the sun starts shining every day and the weather is regularly warmer, this crop will 'leap away'. The green will become bright and vibrant. I'll take more shots of it for you then too. But yesterday it was all about the blue. The blue sky that is. There were only whispers of cloud down low on the horizon. A lovely day. It made spring seem possible!

With the sun shining I took plenty of photos of this angle. Trying to get the focus just right (remember the breeze was blowing). Then when I looked at the shot on the computer I realised I could have played with the light a bit too - it was very bright out there in the sun! I'll have to get used to that brightness as the winter disappears.

I like that this next photo includes a road and power pole. Not completely in focus, but there. Signs of our settlement. It's a lovely area out that road. The people that live out this road generally have some hectares/acres. They have goats and ducks, chooks and cows. Vegetable gardens, rocky hillsides and sometimes even a creek or the river frontage. Nice stuff. For all of that they also get some wild weather, in fact we've seen snow out on these hills, and I imagine the novelty of a block can wear a little thin in the freezing cold of winter. So I was imagining how those people out there would have been rejoicing in the day too.

In fact we took a trip along this very road once, in the middle of winter, to see what was out there - as you do! We were right up in the hills and you could have imagined yourself in another land with cattle, sheep, hills and plenty of mist. We expected that if you'd been brave enough to open your window to the mist you would have heard cow bells! It was a fantastical drive, except we were way past feed time and the baby was howling very loudly! We'll have to try it again now the small people aren't such tiny people any more. 

So, I'm out here, at the corner of this farm. Taking photos. Leaning on a sign. Beside the road. Smiling to myself 'cos I was so pleased to have survived the great cake week... (that's all normal isn't it?!)... when something made me look a bit more at that power pole. And the others in line. I think it was the sky. I was looking at the sky initially. But the sun was shining on the poles. And somehow they looked like they were enjoying the day too. Somehow majestic.  Maybe I was out in the sun a bit too long ;-)

Below is my favourite pole shot. Slightly over-exposed, but that only serves to make it look a little, well, industrial! I find it kinda interesting that these poles were appealing to me. I thought I was a nature/plant girl, so why look at poles? Though when you squint they aren't all that dissimilar to trees against the sky are they? And I've already stated that I like taking photos of trees against the sky... hmmm. So maybe this isn't so strange. Ah well, don't think I need therapy for this just yet! I just enjoyed my walk in the sunshine. And lucky I went when I did, it turned horrid overnight and we're back in the freeze again. Brrrr. Hope you are warm wherever you are!