Recipes for Life

Want to see some recipes? Recipes that are my Recipes for Life. The ones that I use all the time. That are tried and true. But most importantly, recipes that use everyday ingredients and that you can whip up at a moments notice! You know the ones, you'd have your own set too, I'm sure. Most of them have been passed on to me from special people like my Nan. Some I've 'found' in moments of desperation. Others have evolved because the original ingredients weren't in the cupboard! They are for everyday life and are used often in my life ;-)  My classics.

I know lots of other bloggers do recipes too. I love that they do! I love reading their posts. It's a great resource for us all! Who doesn't want to grab other's best recipes? And use them to impress, or to save ourselves! I hope to provide some great recipe posts as a nice resource for online friends. 

These Recipes for Life aren't going to be regular, scheduled posts. They will happen when I use one of these recipes and have the fortitude of mind to cook neatly, take photos and control the kitchen chaos! This isn't often in my kitchen;-) So we'll see how we go! 

Hope you enjoy these recipe posts and even that you might include these recipes in your life... Click on the Photo Caption to be taken to the Recipe for Life. I've tacked on a couple of other food/cooking posts too, just for fun! Happy cooking.

Recipe for Life - Scones

Recipe for Life - 2-4-6-8 Cake