Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Recipes from Life - 2-4-6-8 Cake

Earlier this week I promised you another Recipe from Life. A recipe that I know by heart, that I use all the time, that is part of our family life...Just like these scones, mentioned way back here.
But of course it's the great week of cakes. More on that here and here. So this Recipe from Life is a cake. Your basic butter cake that you can modify to be just about anything! Using basic cake ingredients, normal, everyday, budget stuff. Available from the local supermarket. With this recipe I make plain butter cake, chocolate cake, apple tea cake, patty cakes (or cupcakes), circle cakes, bar cakes etc etc. This recipe covers it all!

First, a bit about the gear I use to cook this cake. Yes I've got the mumma of a mixer; the good old-fashioned kenwood. Mr CakeLover gave it to me for Christmas years ago, not going to dwell on just how many years ago 'cos it might be a bit scary. Anyway! Back to the mixer. Before I had the kenwood I used to use a hand-held little whizzer. And it worked. Truly. Maybe I worked a bit harder than I do now, but those cakes were fine. I probably never did a double/triple mix like I sometimes do now. But I still used this recipe, and those cakes were all eaten! 

I didn't have a sieve either! I didn't believe in sifting. Hmmm. Somehow I've changed. Call it what you will but I say that I now have the patience to sift. And I think it makes a difference to the cake. Then again, those cakes were all eaten even though the flour wasn't sifted...

So, what I am trying to say is that if you really want to cook cakes I don't think you need all the fancy-schmancy gear. You might need a bit more arm muscle but you don't need all the gear. And here's the recipe...

Recipe from Life - 2-4-6-8 Cake
2 eggs
4 Ozs of butter (125g)
6 Ozs of sugar (1 cup)
8 Ozs of Self Raising Flour (2 cups)
& 1/2 cup of milk 

- Preheat oven, moderate temperature (approx 180, adjust if fan forced)
- Beat sugar & butter together 'til creamy
- Add eggs, and a dash of vanilla if you like that flavour
- Continue beating mixture
- Add about 1/2 the flour & beat again
- Add remainder of flour & milk
- Beat 'til well combined
- Spoon into whatever tin you fancy
- Cook patty cakes for approx 15 mins, bar tins for approx 30 mins & circle/square tins for approx 45 mins.

Extra Tips from Life
- Add choc chips for a VERY easy variation (small people love this!)
- Put sliced apple, raw sugar & cinnamon on top for a tea cake, I add a Tablespoon of custard powder or milk powder to this mix too
- Add 1-2 Tablespoons of cocoa for chocolate cake, you might need a little more milk
- For a slightly denser, moister version add an extra egg (especially if they are small eggs)

So now can you see where the 2-4-6-8 name comes in? I don't normally talk in ounces but it makes this a very easy recipe to remember! I learnt it when I was a small person myself, 'helping' in the kitchen, really just hanging around so I got to lick the beaters/spoon/bowl ;-)

If you have any doubt about this recipe then just keep beating it! The mix responds best to a good thorough beating, unlike small people! We certainly don't just keep beating them! 

This is the littlest one, who was 'helping' in my kitchen yesterday... Actually she told me she wanted to 'watch'. At least she was honest hey? There was not going to be any helping from her. Of course I gave her the beater, and shortly thereafter put her jumper in the washing machine. That's the joy of being a mum who can stay-at-home and cook for the family. You get to smile during moments like these.

You know, it's day 3 of the great cake week and I AM SICK OF CAKE!!! We still have at least one more day to go (and I have some cute spider cakes to show you), but I think I might have to escape the cakes and give you (and me) something else to look at... I almost feel a bit green when I look at these photos! Maybe I should stop licking the spoon/bowl ;-) 

We're having lovely days this week, bright sunshine and clear blue skies, I've been admiring them out the kitchen window. Our courtyard is calling to me... Maybe there is a subject to photograph. I might have to check it out after icing these beauties. Will be sure to let you know what I find out there... I hope you enjoy the latest Recipe from Life.