Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Bush Barbecue

Here is how our family does a Bush Barbecue (also known as a Barbie or BBQ here is Australia)...

1. Select your location.
Find a rural spot (we go to the farm), or a remote location where you can hide from the world and only see bush. Then find a flattish area out of the wind (if it's cold), in the sun (again, if it's cold) and preferably with water close by... but not so close that the littlest one falls in!

2. Light a fire.
Invite all present to make a pile of sticks. Suggest to males present that they may like to strike a match...

3. Throw sausages onto BBQ.
In our case the BBQ is a fancy contraption made from a plough disk. We buy basic bulk packs of snags (sausages) from our local supermarket, at home they taste average but somehow on a bush BBQ they taste just great!

4. Wait for snags to cook.
Generally the waiting game involves a stroll up the creek, or a clamber up some rocks, or the collecting of stones. I think this must have been a serious day, the blokes are surely discussing the carbon tax don't you think?! So serious, no tomfoolery happening here! Lucky the small people kept things more light-hearted ;-) More on that tomorrow.

5. Once snags are done, load each slice of bread with a snag.
Don't think this step needs explaining really. However, please note the gumboot drying out beside the fire. The boy had somehow lost his gumboot in the creek... Why is there always one, and why is it generally the same one, who gets wet?

6. Add sauce to snag on bread.
Are you a tomato sauce or a BBQ sauce person? We have both in our regular bush barbie party, so this is the only place where more than the necessities are provided. We bring both tom and BBQ. I actually like both and swing between depending on my mood. Ah, variety is the spice of life hey?!

7. Eat said snag on bread.
Here's another question for you: why does everything (well nearly) taste so much better out in the fresh air?! This is basic food! Yet, even those of us who are normally careful about our food intake go back for more than we ought. We don't have butter; you don't need butter in the bush! Plus it's a tradition from the farm. You don't need fancy salads to accompany, nor any other drink but water. Yet it all tastes just great :-) 

Hope you enjoyed this list of steps. We love our bush BBQs! Nothing like some clear air and simple food. What do you do that's simple yet fantastic? There's something amazing about enjoying the simple things... especially when they also involve wearing gumboots, collecting stones, wading in water and small people! I've a post tomorrow showing what we did after we'd eaten our snags. See you then!

PS - This is a bit of a bonus farm post really, how lucky are you? Normally there is just one of these a week, on Fridays. But we had such a great time last weekend I wanted to share it all :-)