Friday, September 14, 2012

On top of the World!

Ever feel on top of the world??? The farm often does that to me... come and see...

There's just something amazing about being on top of a great big hill, with the wind blowing across your face, the grass waving and the trees swaying...

The more sunlight the better, of course! This is Australia!!!

We love our sunlight. Often to the detriment of our skin... I remember being a kid on the beach with peeling skin on my nose and back. Only to be burnt again. That was before the age of sunscreen and hats, oh I might have had a hat on I s'pose, we just didn't know. I'll pay for it one day, I know that now, my poor old Pa is paying as his skin revolts against the sun damage.

We still love our sun, with sunscreen rubbed, a hat wedged on and sunnies wrapped around our faces....


See here, it truly feels as though you are on top of the world! :-)

And then you hit that golden hour of light. It all gets even more wonderful as the light glows on the landscape. The shadows lengthen. The colours deepen.

Somewhere I read about a farmer who painted a dead tree like this. Some bright, outlandish colour. Like red or yellow. I can understand that! Though I do like this tree just as it is here...

Ah, such a lovely moment in our lives. Wandering about on top of the world in the golden hour. Can it get any better?

Hope you have some moments like this on the weekend... Ours looks busy but interesting! And I still haven't shown you some of those fab finds... they are VERY vintage, found at the farm. Come back next week and see ;-)

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  1. Thank you for taking me to the top of the World! gorgeous photos. I love the last one. I hope you had a terrific weekend. Jx


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