Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When life hands you lemons - photo challenge

What do you do when life hands you lemons? I used them in my photo challenge...

Did you know I've set myself a photographic challenge? To take shots of everyday things and make them interesting... So, here is this week's instalment.

Last week was the littlest one's birthday. Her cake will be featured in the next day or so. But this post isn't about it. It didn't have any lemons in it - lemons are not really to most two year olds liking.

This post is about the fact that, following hot on the heels of the littlest ones birthday was the birthday of my mum and the birthday of my mother-in-law. Yep, those two lovely ladies share a birthday. It does seem to point to the fact that Mr Aligned and I are just meant to be together hey?! When your mothers are so aligned you must be too ;-)

Well, my mum lives a little too far away for a hand-delivered cake on the day ;-( She'll have to wait 'til we meet again somewhere. Though she does like the lemon flavour.

These lemons were made into a cake for my mother inlaw. Not because she's sour! Not at all!!! I made this because I thought she'd like a different type of cake, you see we'd had a chocolate one just the day before... I think she liked it! It's a lemon syrup cake. The small people sure liked the syrup!

Actually, I should have posted this as a Recipe for Life too. It's a great recipe! One of those blender cakes... easy as pie. And just a bit tart! Great with ice cream. Might have to do an update. Maybe when I make it for my mum...

So the moral of my story today is: when life hands you lemons, take lots of photos. Or, make an easy cake! For some-one you love :-)

Alright, I have to run. 

There is washing to done, beds to be made and sheets to be hung! Plus a mountain of ironing! How does it all happen, or rather how doesn't it happen?! Happy Tuesday!

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