Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My *Fwowers*

The littlest one helped me pick some flowers the other day... they are now referred to, by her, as "my fwowers".

It's lovely stuff when your 2 year old comes out into the garden with you. She loves being outside. And she now spends hours out there doing all sorts of things... some with my approval and some without! 

Anyway, we've been re-building a fence which has a garden running along in front of it. The garden is going to have a makeover once the fence is done, there's not much in it, but at the moment it's got just a few pretty bulbs. So before the re-building started we went a flower-picking. Me with some secateurs, the littlest one with just her bare hands!

I went for the jonquils at the back of the garden, the littlest one went for the closest *fwowers* at her level. The grape hyacinths. You would describe these as growing kinda wild in this garden. They are pretty, but desperately need to be thinned out. The littlest one helped with that...

Once I noticed what she was doing I thought I'd add to her collection with some hyacinths that were picked with slightly longer stems (>3cm!). It's a happy little collection and combination. She was very impressed with the little vintage cut-glass 'vase' I found for her *fwowers*! So impressed she wanted to place them on the 'lounge' for her personal viewing... thankfully she was happy when I suggested an alternative location in the middle of the dining table!

It was certainly nice to have these at the centre of this yummy weekend breakfast!

The cut-glass 'vases' are a treasured hand-me-down from grandparents. The last 'vase' is a jam jar with a ribbon from one of those very-cheap bargain outlets. Add a few pretty shells. The cake stand that has only once actually been used for food... and it wasn't even cake, it was for a birthday pavlova. The pav that's a Recipe for Life.

Now, I'd best love you and leave you. I've more cooking to do today and a 'to-do' list as long as your arm leg~! And I still haven't got to that gardening - today's the day, I can feel it in my secateurs... Ciao!

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  1. Gorgeous! The grape Hyacinth's are lovely. I have Hyacinths in the house at the moment. The first time I have bought them and I love them. They shall definitely be making a repeat appearance. Jx


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