Thursday, September 27, 2012

Goats - reeling them in

These are feral goats... in the evening light they look (slightly) pretty.

The farmer brought them in, with the help of the dogs and Mr Motorbike. Mr Motorbike will take any excuse to get on the bike! And the farmer will make any excuse to get the feral goats off the farm...

There's a goat sale on the week after next. A special sale, it only happens once very month or so. And so the goats hiding in the hills are reeled in. They're worth reasonable money. Especially when you do nothing else (but loose sheep feed to them) in growing them out. Kinda like a 'bonus'.

That's if you CAN reel them in. They don't like people, or motorbikes, or dogs. Or gateways. And fences induce absolutely no respect from these creatures. They jump and/or push their way over/through fences. They squeal like girls on a roller coaster, literally! I wouldn't have believed it, but Mr Motorbike had to catch this chap below by hand and haul him through the gateway. The noise he made, made my hair stand on end. The goat, that is, not Mr Motorbike ;-) Awful!

And then they trotted on down the hill, with farmer, bike and dog a cruisey way behind. By this point they were almost sedate. Perhaps they were mellowed by the evening light. It certainly made them look A LOT more picturesque than they really are... (did I mention that they stink?!)

 Maybe that's what was happening with this gate (see below) too; the light made it prettier.

Anyways, I'm off. I've been running late all week. Too much feet-up-time ;-) Ah, but I needed it!

Hope you don't have too many ferals running through your life that need reeling in... if you do I know a guy who really likes getting on his motorbike...

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