Monday, September 17, 2012

Ready for Guests

On Friday we readied our house for guests, well not real guests, it was for family...

In preparation I starched the sheets, polished the furniture, aired the room and took photos ;-) Well, not quite, I did my own mother-of-three-way-too-busy version. I made the bed, dusted, used the vacuum and folded the towels. And I opened the window and let the spring air in, it was lovely! There was even perhaps a warm edge to the air. Then I took photos...

Another thing I did was add a cushion (made for me by my Nan) to give additional spring lift to the room... I don't do much floral, about the house or in my wardrobe. Normally I like my flowers in a vase, or in the garden. But this just seemed to suit the air, or perhaps it was the pollen getting to me.

And then I spotted me in the mirror (see below). Alright alright, I know, there's a lot more to be done than taking pics! And more to welcoming people then putting a pretty cushion in the bedroom. I scooted off then... To do something a little more constructive.

What with all this spring air about I've also got the itch to garden... The garden gets sadly neglected here in the winter, it's wayyy too cold to be out there weeding. And the frost burns almost all the greenery away. So my first job will be to remove the burnt bits. Ugh! It's hard to know where to start. But I decided I'd do half an hour in the courtyard herb garden, chuck some more plants in etc etc. Will show you shortly. 

Given that the dear guests have departed I'm now off to change the sheets again, we've more family coming this weekend and this sunshine may not last (note - need sunshine to dry sheets!). Word must have got around that it's warming up around here, so everyone's decided to visit ;-) They stay away in the winter, they don't want to get frost bite! I've learnt how to adjust to it, I wear wool, if you missed that post it's here. And wear a scarf - preferably bright in colour - see here. And take photos of the frost, then you might just be able to appreciate the beauty!!!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Hi Emm!! I LOVE your blog. It's gorgeous and your images are terrific. Thanks for telling me about it. I am your newest and most excited fan/follower!! So pleased to see you're well. How nice we should see each other again in this medium. I have just started an online diploma in photography with the Photography Institute so am soaking up as much inspiration as I can. I just wanted to post and day Hi! I'm off to explore more your blog some more.
    Lots of Love and a big Hi to M and babies!


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