Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Recipe for Life - Rissoles

Look at this bonus box of bounty... found in our vegie garden... used to make a Recipe for Life...

This Recipe for Life is such a great one. Simple affordable ingredients. Super simple to throw together. Even better to cook... And, to top it all off - everybody in our family loves them! All this from the plain, old Rissole. Nothing fancy, just plain everyday food for the family.

So here you go... Please note, all quantities are approximate (adjust to your taste/requirements!)

Recipe from Life - Rissoles
1 kilogram of mince
2 Tablespoons of plain flour
1/2 packet of dry soup mix - we generally use french onion
1 egg
Good dollop/squirt of Barbecue Sauce
In this mix I had no eggs (how did that happen?!) so I added 1/2 cup each of shredded spinach & tasty cheese. 

- Throw all ingredients into a bowl, mix 'til it looks like this...

- Roll mix into balls (as big/small as you like)
- Roll balls in flour and pile onto a plate like this...

- Heat a frying pan, adding maybe a Tablespoon of oil
- Pop balls of mix into frying pan
- Cook on medium to high until browned on one side
- Turn and cook until cooked through
- Serve with mashed potato and vegies of choice!

These potatoes were actually in that box of bounty from our vegie garden! So exciting to find them after many months (insert red face here) of absolutely no vegie garden activities. Even better to add the found spinach and shallots into rissoles too! Could have even used carrots but decided after that long languishing in the vegie garden they might be better in this soup from abeachcottage.

And that my friends, was tea. Yum! All fed and happy. 

It was a good reminder of why a vegie garden is worth the effort! For us a vegie garden is all a part of living a bit more of the simple life, like Rhonda does here. The yummy life! Home-grown taste so much better! So this tea was a good encouragement (read: kick-up-the-behind!) to get out there and plant some more stuff... in a fortnight we'll be there. We have fence to build first that runs along the garden, don't want tiny baby vegies getting trampled so we'll wait 'til that's done next week. It's all on!

Am off to work out tea for tonight... something easy again, I'm feeling flat today!

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