Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Naturally sweet(ened)

Are you naturally sweet??? I'm not, I have to work on adding sweetness to my nature. But this yoghurt is lovely just as it is...

It's from our local food co-op. They get it from a diary at Picton, not 200 kilometres away. An Australian, family owned dairy. I like that. The list of good stuff on the side of the tub is long too. And I like that the yoghurt is YUM! 

Here's our brekky on Sunday morning...

Homemade pancakes, banana, yoghurt and some sunflower kernels to top it off. Simple, (reasonably) healthy and YUM!

The bigger bonus was that the boy loved it too. Quite a grown-up chap with these taste buds! He didn't need any other sweeteners... but like all lovely boys he is naturally a sweetie.  OK, I am his mother, possibly just a little biased you might say :-)

Seriously though, there is a lot out there at the moment about sugar and sweeteners in our diets. You know, you would have seen it all. After being a half-sugar-in-my-tea girl for a good decade I gave it up (gulp!) last year and you know what, it DOES taste different. But I still enjoy my cups of tea. I even drink coffee without sugar now. For me it really was a state of mind. A hurdle I had to actually choose to leap over. And now, well, I still really enjoy some sugary stuff, I'm only human... and what girl doesn't need a sugar hit occasionally?! On the whole though I'm conscious that less sugar is not lowering my quality of life. The great thing is it does lower my waist circumference and hopefully it increases my quantity of life!

Am off now to add some more sweetness to my nature... not my diet ;-) Do you reckon if I eat a LOT of this yoghurt I'll automatically get sweeter in my soul??? Now there's an experiment I'd be happy to take part in :-) Hope your day is sweet, and all your loved ones sweeter!

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