Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Back by Popular Demand

Why hello! Imagine seeing you here! Or me here... Or anyone here at all!

I'll admit I'm feeling rusty. It's been a looooonnnng time between posts hasn't it?

There's been a lot going on. As I'm sure there has in your life too. So let's not stress too much about catching up on it all. Let's move on and upwards!

We're in the last weeks of Autumn here. I think I've pretty much missed Autumn here this year... It seems only a day or so ago that the leaves were just starting to turn and now they've nearly all blown off the (deciduous) trees leaving us with the distinct feeling that Winter is upon us. 

Late last week Mr At-Home-For-Now and I had coffee in one of my favourite cafes and this dainty little cloth was on the table. Now imagine, some diligent, dedicated person sat for hours... Cutting, placing and stitching each of these petals on to make the flowers. Then they added even more stitches to highlight the flowers. So, though I don't have the skills to create such a thing myself I seriously appreciated it during our morning coffee.

Hope you have an example of such skill about you today....

Hoping to see you here again very soon!



  1. Glad to see you back. I have missed your beautiful photos.

    1. Yay! Thanks! It's good to be back... I had a lovely time yesterday poking around the blog and remembering how it all works. See you soon. Emm


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