Monday, May 25, 2015

Quick, quick, take a pic!

 Here are some quick shots of the last of the Autumn leaves...

Mr Observant noticed that one of the pistachio trees was looking lovely that other day as we sat eating lunch in the sunshine against the warm, northern wall of the house. I agreed and kept munching. But later, as the golden hour hit, you know that time when the sunlight just glows as it sinks towards the horizon? Yep, that time. I again noticed those lovely leaves. And I decided to stop loading the wheelbarrow with wood and just take 5 minutes (ok, maybe it was 10!) to get some quick shots before the sun set and before those Autumn leaves were finished. So here are those shots.

Now, another confession. I've broken my big girls camera. Well, the lens at least. So now the camera won't auto focus. So there's no easy focus when I shoot! Amazing how much more complex it makes things for me. I have an increased admiration for those old-school photographers who did all the adjustments for EVERYTHING and then focused! I use my camera mostly on the aperture priority setting which is a half cheat in my mind, but now I have to focus as well - whoa! That's a game changer for this simple girl.

I line up the shot, push the shutter halfway and .... nothing! I won't tell you just how many blurry pics I'm deleted as I selected the shots to use today. Ah well, a new skill is being learnt.

I'm quite enjoying the last days of Autumn. The crisp air in the evenings but the lovely sunshine (when you get it!) in the day. The sun is spasmodically visiting us today, I'm not sure it's presence is going to have been constant enough to dry the washing on the line, but we'll take what comes hey?

Hope the sun is shining in your world. Even if it's only metaphorically! I know I need sunshine in my life. There's just something uplifting. I'm off to check that washing, then to push the ewes out of the oats and then meet the bush... Maybe afternoon tea can be had in the sunshine... Fingers crossed (for you and us!).


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  1. There is nothing quite like beautiful autumn colors.


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