Thursday, May 14, 2015

A teapot or two, or three, or more!

The sun is shining (at times) today. But the wind is freezing!!! So the littlest one and I decided it was time for a proper teapot of tea... To warm us on the inside...


First up comes the whistling teapot on the stove. And yes, that is a wood stove you see. It makes our kitchen toasty warm in the winter. Which in turn makes everyone flock to the kitchen. And then hang out there. Interesting when you're cooking dinner and there are three small bodies (who aren't so small anymore!) undertaking various activities in the kitchen with you. There is never enough bench space is there?!

While we wait for the big kettle to boil we'll warm the mugs on the stove side and take a look around. You'll notice there are a number of kettles on the stove already...


Well, there are a few other teapots about the place too... Sitting up on a wooden shelf out of small people's reach sits a 'collection' including the sugar pot and the salt well. We have to keep some semblance of practicality happening! However, tucked in amongst the practicality are the teapots and milk jugs... The blue pot up the far end is a family heirloom handed down from a grandmother to a mother and then to a daughter-inlaw (lucky me!)...The close (litte) one is a tealight holder from a great little candle shop in the Blue Mountains...

But back to brewing our teapot of tea. It's ready. And the littlest one is ready to pour. Ah, little hands, you've got to love them!

I'm off to enjoy my cuppa. Go boil your own kettle and sit down for a relaxing cup of warmth. Whether your taste tends to coffee, tea or a herbal, there's nothing like it hey? Especially if you manage to sneak one on your own ;-)


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