Monday, January 13, 2014

Taking small steps in a big, new life

This sunset post is one small step back into the world of blogging...
I'm all about taking small steps at the moment!

After moving house, hosting Christmas for my family and hosting a special birthday event for a gorgeous lady within about a month I'm only capable of taking small steps at the moment!!

And given that moving house meant an (almost) complete change of lifestyle I'm only just feeling brave enough to take these small steps in this big, new life!!!

You see, I'm a town girl now living on real-life farm ;-)

There's been a probation period, definitely. I've been married to Mr Merino for over a decade now and one of my first long stays on the farm was to assist with shearing (without Mr Merino I might add!). And we've since spent many a weekend out there especially after moving closer (within 25kms) about 4 years ago.

But there's still much to learn. One day at a time. One step at a time.

The camera was forgotten for a number of weeks. There were boxes to unpack, presents to wrap, meals to prepare, verandas to sweep etc etc. But gradually the countryside started to speak to me again. The sunsets were noticed as we started to finish at dusk, the colours got back in my face :-) And out came the camera again. I LOVE the escape when you are looking at your own world through a camera lens. There's a sense of detachment I think. Some detachment earlier on would probably have assisted me in taking the small steps more calmly!

So there you have it. I'm taking small steps in my big, new life. And I'm taking photos as I go. Come along with me. I won't promise that the steps will get any bigger, or that the photos will always be beautiful. There will be colour though, and sunsets. And just plain everyday life.

I'll just whistle the dogs up and then let's go! Meet me on the back veranda ;-)

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  1. Beautiful! I hope you're enjoying your new lifestyle.


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